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, 2nd Floor Embassy Square Infantry Road Bangalore - 560001
- 30550666

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sheila ramji Posted On 17-Apr-2017

Hi, would appreciate if could share the contact number of Gowri Madam please.

sanjay kumar Posted On 08-Apr-2017

Team, Please don't show PAYTM add in your news website they are cheating to customers and no response from customer care .If you are giving PAYTM add in your new channel your channel will go down and no one believe you channel in your future ,request you stop such type of worst online shopper . I have ordered kustody deo set of 2 and the order number is 3014278288 on Apr-03-2017 and i will receievd the items on yesterday ( 7-Apr-2017)that is worng product i receievd FACEWASH cream set of 2 . If i called customer care no one picking the call if i hold one hour duration also and not at all connecting the customer care numbers since 2 days if i get customer care they will never give proper response . Payteam is this right way to handle customer care and did othet seniors are what you doing there ,before sending the products did your team not testing anything or wat .Are they will send simply packed iteam ,need you help urgency and need to refund the amount asap.Else i will go put FIR on

chethan Posted On 08-Apr-2017

Help me when and where was addition Acting

Navya shree M Posted On 25-Mar-2017

I thank the director and entire team of hara hara mahadeva for giving such a beautiful serial . I have learnt lot of things from this serial and i feel so good when i watch it . It is not just a serial ,it means a lot for me . The actors are also sooooo good, especially shiva mesmerizing actor, iam eagerly waiting to meet him . The ganesha is also sooo cute . Once i thank the entire team of hara hara mahadeva from the bottom of my heart . THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

???????? Posted On 22-Mar-2017

???????? ??.???? ??? ??????? ??????,????? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ??????????

Anusha.k Posted On 19-Feb-2017

how can I contact gowri madam personally? I have few personal problems which I cant share over this, so please provide me.

Smithashankar Posted On 18-Feb-2017

Hello nanna hesaru smitha nanage feb 18th randu paaka shale 12:30to1:30 ke prasara veksesede adaralli banda Health tips about (pcod) samase ge uttara beku plz namage mahete neede atava medam address r telephone number kodi plz.....

harshitha Posted On 18-Feb-2017

Please give me gowri madam phone number

Ramya Posted On 18-Feb-2017

Namaste sir, Nanna hesaru Ramya from Siddapura Kundapura(t) Udupi(d). Nanu Feb9randu pakashaleya Gowri medamge postal letter hakkide adakke uttara ennu bandilla plz dayamadi nanna letterge u5tara vannu postnalle kaluhisi plz plz

syed mazhar Posted On 03-Feb-2017

Dear Sir, The roumar and according to google search the free vaccine MEASLES & RUBELLA MR-VAC are started given to school childrens which is full of side effects. The below contents are spreadded in social media: Dear brothers and sisters  all the schools have decided to give an injection for your childrens all over india so dear brothers dont let your children's get that injection object that in your child's school it's an plan in which your children when they will turn around 40 they wont be able to have thier kid one teacher in kerla have told taht this injection should put to muslim children's only so kindly do not let them get this injection for your children's safety. And this vacvine tested one child out of ten found side effect & out of 1000 one child effect with braine fsilure etc. If this is true kindly stop this vaccine. This is FYKI & Quick action. Kindly let me know too In the intetest of children's health

Somashekar.v Posted On 27-Jan-2017

Please put the name of sanvis mother Deepa character real name from neeli serial of Kannada what is the real name of the Dead mother deepa

kiranbk Posted On 16-Jan-2017

Its kiran from davangare we have the video of the product so we want to give the add to u r chana so plzzz give me the qutathin of the adding cost my contact nomber 9901490582l

Basavaraj Posted On 30-Dec-2016

Please send me vijayalaxmi numbar

Naveen Posted On 28-Dec-2016

Hai hello In Nelli serial ur using one doll I want that doll were I can buy that were u people took that doll plz tel in which shop can I get same doll plz it's my humble request plz

Jayant Posted On 19-Dec-2016

Why Surya Darshan has left avanua mattu Shravani? Please let me know the reason?

?????? Posted On 17-Dec-2016

?????? ?????? ???? ????? ???????? ??????????? '???????' ??????? ????? ????????? ???? ???? ????? 7899125083 ????????????, ? ??????? ???? ??????? ??????? ?????? ??? ??? ?????????. ???????? ?????? ????? ??????? ????????? ???????????????. -?????? ????????. ??????? ?????? : 9480701140.

Chethan HT Posted On 16-Dec-2016

My humble reqest for hara hara mahadeva team please change present parvati role actor she is soooo bad for that role and one thing is sati(soundarya) was 100% perfect for thi role so plz plz plz plz plz plz agree my reqest and solve it........

Swathi Posted On 16-Dec-2016

I want gowri madam phone number

Kumar Posted On 08-Dec-2016

Ajith Sir, Only Suvarna News & Public TV supporting to Modi sir. Good work All da best

Vijay Posted On 08-Dec-2016

Pls hilight, (Ajith Sir) 1, Huge Tax Collected 2, Kashmir cooled 3, Trying change black money with new note, they caught

rajashree m v Posted On 02-Dec-2016

Pls give me gowri madam contact no. Urgently

muttu Posted On 29-Nov-2016

neeli searialnalli innu estu quistion keltira?

Viswanath Suri Posted On 10-Nov-2016

I'm looking for contact number of Mrs. Gowri Madam of Paakashale. She has offered to give advise on diets

sangeeta Posted On 30-Oct-2016

Plz anuroopa serial na matte prasara madi plz plz plz plz plz plz.................,.....

vasanth Posted On 27-Oct-2016

The current parvati role playing female acting is very very bad.kindly change the actor. Sati was 100%better.know parvati raking is **** sati raking is ******** sati acting is supper

vasanth Posted On 27-Oct-2016

The current parvati role playing female acting is very bad.kindly change the actor. Sati was 100%better.

Vimala Posted On 25-Oct-2016

The current parvati role playing female acting is very bad.kindly change the actor. Sati was 100%better.

rakesh Posted On 04-Oct-2016

Sir nange act madoke thumba esta sir pls sir give me one chance chance kodi sir plz plz plz

rakesh Posted On 04-Oct-2016

Hii sir my name is rakesh pls give me one chance to act serial pls pls sir give me one mobile number 9164722438

karthik Posted On 07-Jul-2016

Hi sir am karthik pls give me one chance to act in serials or participate in reality shows this is my number 9108281503

karthik Posted On 05-Jul-2016

Am karthik pls give me one chance to act in serials or participate in reality shows give me one chance sir pls....

Kumar Posted On 05-Jul-2016

Hi am kumar give me any chance am ready to do thanks 8884999836

Ramanjalu S Posted On 12-May-2016

I got love marriage and recently one baby not my wife and her family giving so much torcher for please help me. I would like justice from kathe alla jeevana program. Please please help me sir. Please help me contact number and address .

Ramesh Posted On 19-Jan-2016

My name Ramesh give the one chance sir anchoring acting any sir palze MD sir. Mob no 9916004366.9620255564

s venkatesh Posted On 14-Dec-2015

Sir I am from selam I watch srikara programme daily from 12 dec 2015 the programme has been stoped please inform about the programme

Manjula Shankar Posted On 10-Dec-2015

Manjula Shankar I want to participate in paakashale. Pls provide me the opportunity to participate in it. My contact number 9066319091

Navaneeth K L Posted On 06-Dec-2015

Hello Sir, I am Navaneeth K.L. from Bangalore , completed my Hotel Management as a Chef . I am very much intrested to participate in Paakashale. This is my contact Number 9686155933

rakesh d Posted On 04-Dec-2015

rakesh,d Posted On 04-12-2015 rakesh from hassan am studying sslc and puc iti my cantact number 9141853201 plz give me the opurtunity to me rakesh Posted On 04-12-2015 Hello sir nanu yaude show nalli tv chanal nali bagavayesila sar agantha nanage acting madalu barala antha thilkobedi nanu thumba chanagi acting maduthini sar plz if u give me a one chance plz its request to u suvarn achannel plz

siddharth Posted On 27-Nov-2015

my contact num 8147179985

siddharth Posted On 27-Nov-2015

my self siddharth from hassan.... i hv intrested in acting so plzzz give me a opertunity to upcoming serails plzzz sir

Joseph Posted On 25-Nov-2015

Super Jodi has gone above the limit. There are also aged people watching. Some contestants are silly and crossing limits. There are also people without jobs feeling jealous without money. Please stops shows like these and create more opportunities for jobless people.

Ramya Posted On 23-Nov-2015

Hi I want to participate in paakashaale please provide me the opportunity to participate in it can reach me @ 9886824668

Mukesh Kamath Posted On 19-Nov-2015

I want to call Devishree guruji,number is not displayed Iin srikara programme. Please assist me, thank you.

sowmya shree Posted On 19-Nov-2015

I have many problem in life plz I'm above to die so I'm not able to make understand my parents can u plz help me plzzzzzzzz I beg u plz help me devishree guruji Posted On 11-Nov-2015

Nagaveni, Wish to call Devishree Guruji at Sreekara programme. Please let me know the phone number and at what time I should call. As the phone number will not be informed at the programme

Diptiranjan Posted On 12-Oct-2015

I am continue act & directing course plz give me one opportunity my no-9738611065

praceen Posted On 12-Sep-2015

Sir maruthi vapas karesikolli sir mathe e show bahala mosadinda nadithide hudgi madiro thappanna avan melw hakbedi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vapas karesikolli mathe eshow ennu chennagi baruthe

naveen Posted On 06-Sep-2015

Mr.B.Somaskhar is worst politican in Karnataka.He has been already caught copying in exam during his Student Days. what petity ! same minister becomes Education minister under J.H Pated .he is most arrogant person as reported. It is repoted that his mother is begging for money and is fighting for basic needs. this fellow does not even take care of this mother.and even does not allow his own mother to enter his house. For proof you can go and visit Hooshalli which his is native place where his mother has become destitute and keeps on wandering for even one square meal. this person is corrupt.please don't elect him as MLA of Mallavalli.this person has no feelings for his mother and does not take care take care ,then how come you expect him server the society. of mavalli .he is known for unfriendly nature. What piety MR.B.Somasekhar does not know his basic humanity., if you want see his mother you can see her in Hosahalli Village,Belagodi post, wandering around without food

mahadeva Posted On 31-Aug-2015

putani pantru program you tube ge apply madalva...

Mahesh Posted On 28-Aug-2015

sir nanu hallihyda pyteg banda show fan dayavittu aa show na produser number kodi sir plz 8867849612

santosh Posted On 18-Aug-2015

Hi sir, I am a grate fan of Halli hydha pyateg bandha please upload the all episodes to youtube or hotstar Regards santosh

devaraj kepper Posted On 15-Aug-2015

Hi sir suvarna srail Avanu mathe shravani srail address send madi e number 9900331279 plz sir evru sril vrey nice

devaraj.kepper Posted On 15-Aug-2015

Hi sir suvarna tv srail vrey nice Avanu mathe shravani srail butefull evru suvarna channel vrey nice

Manju Posted On 08-Aug-2015

Hii sir Halli Haida pateg banda season 2 reality show nanu daily nodthini sir adralli Ashwini & puneeth my fvrt sir nanu avrna meet agi one photo thegsoko bakantha thumba aase idhe sir dayavitti avakasha kodi sir plz this is my mobile Number 8150869680 sir pls sir plsssssssssssssssds

manju Posted On 08-Aug-2015


prathibha Posted On 04-Aug-2015

Why do you stop such a popular show KK ? Please start..

prathibha Posted On 01-Aug-2015

please start kannadada kotyadhipati . This show help the poor.please..

PRATHIBHA Posted On 31-Jul-2015


Ashvarya Posted On 26-Jul-2015

I had complete respect towards the channel and the programs that was aired by suvarna channel, but I totally regret to state that the anchor of the recent new show which is halli hayda pyateg banda, is just spoiling everything. I do realise such shows are scripted, but he should have minimum common sense to have refused to talk such nonsense on the show. Mr.Santhosh, your behavior is just not acceptable. You've crossed all your limits. It clearly reflects your background you've come from and the way you've been taught to respect girls and the way to talk to them. Before pointing out something to someone, you better think twice before you speak. No one is a crazy fan of urs to support all the shit you talk! Well you spoke about nafisa Paul n stuff, let Me make one point clear to you, ur no better than even the worst of worst anchors even in the smallest of small channels!! You've no right to make such statements!! Its a humble request to the channel director to take care of such stuff Posted On 04-Jul-2015

my Name is rekha from bangalore please provide me shashi master's contact details the dance choreographer in puttani pattaru as soon as possible please once i want to talk him regarding my son dance classes.plssssssssssss it my humble request my contact number 9986002044

Manjunath BH Posted On 16-Jun-2015

Hi team My name is Manjunath have to share my feelings to suvarna channel & I want to solution plz give me appointment plz My number -9611750271

Sukesh Posted On 04-Jun-2015

Himy self Sukesh I just completed my bsc in animation...i am looking for a job in media....if any openings plz inform me

Suvarna Bijapur Posted On 24-May-2015

Contect number kodi sir plzzzzz illandre address send madi.... 9008649557 e number ge send madi plz sir

Suvarna Bijapur Posted On 24-May-2015

Hi sir I am Suvarna from Bijapur... Nange Suvarna channel alli baro dream star reality show nalli hogbeku anno kanasu sir ....naanu tumba channagi dance madtene sir plz give me one chance ths number 9008649557

Rohini S P Posted On 19-May-2015

Hi sir, I am Rohini S P, having interest in Acting so much.Kindly give me one opportunity to act in serial. I am having experience also. But, Pls give me one single chance to act in this serial. Pls hep me. Contact no: 8553122216

vani ravishankar chef Posted On 30-Apr-2015

hi i am vani ravishankar chef, i like anuroopa serial dialoges and acting and character of teja. i like his mannarism hats up to rashmimabhyasimha for her writing and director madhusudhan. give me one simple chance to act with teja as a sister or as a friend. no.9480522721

Shiva shivaaaaaaa Gowda Posted On 28-Mar-2015

Hello will u kindly give me the e mail add of madhubala serial director or u can ask him to modified of uma umaaaadevi character body language and irritating mannerisms serial watchers fed up with that role.

mahesh gp Posted On 21-Jan-2015

pls add ragavendra vaibhava serial repeat again at list uplode in you tube people it's watching plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sir/ madam at list make cd ragavendra viabhava serial that is not a serial that is change human attitude also pls pls pls pls plssssssssssssssss

mahesh g p Posted On 21-Jan-2015

pls add ragavendra vaibhava serial repeat again at list uplode in you tube people it's watching plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sir/ madam

rakesh Posted On 13-Jan-2015

Hello sir I m Rakesh give me one chance to pyate mandi kadige bandru. Sir i m waiting for that plzzzz .. My mobile number 9620959941

prasad bhat Posted On 09-Jan-2015

Sir. Plz. I. Req u. Plz. Give. Me. A. Chance. To. Pyate mandi. Kadige. Bandru . nanu thumba varshdinda kaytha. Edini plz. Dayavittu. Ondu. Avkasha madkodi this. Is. My. Cont my. Num .8762967242 .. And. Its. My. E mail. I'd . plz. Sir. Plz. I will. Beg u. Plz

Chandrashekar M L Posted On 05-Jan-2015

Hi, Can we get your mail id so that we would like to know why serial PARINITA Was stopped abruptly. Regards, Chandrashekar M L

Pemmaiah Posted On 22-Dec-2014

Can I get a e mail adrress Of your mail id is

Nithin V Posted On 21-Dec-2014

dear Sir nange pyate mandhi kaadig bandru season 3 reality show ali participate madbeku antha thumba asse and idol nandagiskobeku ano asse nu ide plz one single chance kodi sir 9686929545

tanveer sait Posted On 20-Dec-2014

well i have lot of infermation under some illegal activities news these are useful and u can hilight in future contact me urgent im in mysore 9611416771

madhavi Posted On 01-Dec-2014

do not underestimate santosh .coz no one r perpect. He has started his anchoring carrier now so it will take time to get experienced in his as host in corporate field I have faced this kind of Prblm.but nw I have experience n people appreciate. So have patience. Pyate hudgir halli life crew plzz do not change santosh....

kishor Posted On 30-Nov-2014

Kishor from tumkur am studying my cantact nmbr 8970414076 plz give me the opurtunity to me

kishor Posted On 30-Nov-2014

Hello sir kathe alla jeevana e show ge nanu tag line n logo create madidini plz if u give me a chance its request to u suvarnachannel plz

sandy Posted On 29-Nov-2014

Santoshage kannada kalisi modlu amele show host madoke heli idu kannada reality show na or yaw bashe show antane gottagtilla Yake allirorge yargu kannadane baralva kannada barde idre avarnella yake kannada shownalli chance kottiddira

Nagu Posted On 14-Nov-2014

Tell me which is the ringtone that samarth is using in milana serial..please

jayantha Posted On 06-Nov-2014

hello ,I am in manglore. my age is 24 I have to join new reality shows. so please give me chance. my phone number 9035364445.

spoorthi Posted On 27-Oct-2014

Pyate hudgir halli life season 3 anchor santosh is horrrible. do replace him with anyone else (if you cant get akul balaji) this is a kannada channel and he being from karnataka does'nt even know how to pronounce words. his halli sounds like he is referring to a lizard. bizzare. akul was so strict and yet witty and his kannada far far far better than santosh, though he is not from karnataka. i dont know how far this change is possible amidst a show; if not hire a kannada tutor for him please. respect the other peoples' review regarding the same.

harish kumar m s Posted On 23-Oct-2014

Pyate hudgir halli life season 3 nalli santhosh anchoring sari ella so pl suvarna anchor.1 (big boss) akul balaji na again season 3 ge anchor madi this is my request & karnataka people request also We want "AKUL BALAJI" he is perfect person in reality show pyate hudgir halli life 3

Subhas Posted On 08-Oct-2014

Pyate Hudgir Halli Lifu 3nalli Akul Balajina ankhar madi please,edu edi karnatakada janara request

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