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Tata Sky Ltd- Regional Office , Bangalore

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Location: Bangalore
Bellary Road Hebbal Bangalore - 560024  Kirloskar Business Park Block C 6th 7th Floor
- 22163000

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saleem Posted On 04-Mar-2018

Sir I am the dealer of your tatasky company and works with you from last 4 years.last month I bill 5 kits and and during my activation I bill all the kits .now the I found that distributor did not use any kit of mine . . Second issue they are making competition between dealers I will send you pics which will show u all the issue They pressure rise us to leave the tatasky counter in this issue the tsm also responsible . In first pic the distributor mention a rate 1250 for costumers and same the distributor gives us complete activation @1450 . In second pic they make problem for me they make another dealer where my shop is located . it's my request take strict action . Dealer name saffron electronics Phone no 9070339923 Pulwama kashmir Pin 192121

B.NAMASIVAYAM Posted On 06-Nov-2017

I am at present Reliance TV customer and I am interested to change over to your DTH SERVICE. I contacted your toll free number who has registered my request and also allotted me TATASKY ID No.1250086459. They also raised a work Oder for effecting the changeover. I have a RELIANCE HD SET OFF BOX and the technician brought only normal set off box. When contacted your phone no.18602086633 I was informed that they will cancel The old work order and issue new work order for changing my connection with HD SET OFF BOX. I request you to kindly do the needful at the earliest and activate my connection. I require your SOUTH SPECIAL PACK WITH TAMIL AND KANNADA. Thanks

kannan rajagopal Posted On 17-Oct-2017

Sir pls cal me urgent 8606359494

Mohan Posted On 19-Feb-2017

You have outsourced maintenance work to a tv dealer. He has a petty shopkeeper mindset. He has refused to change stb under warranty. It would be better to have yr tsky service centres.

Raja. A Posted On 29-Aug-2016

My Subscriber ID: 1129476162 It is to submit that, I had paid an amount of Rs.4,550/- to the Tata Sky Dealer on 30.03.2016, asking for the replacement of ordinary dish connection to HD Dish Connection. The dealer assured me that I will be etting HD Connection for one year. Your dealer refused to give me the receipt for the amount paid said that, I will be receiving the message to my mobile. For your kind information I received a message on 04.05.2016 that an amount of Rs.2,970/-, has been paid to TATA SKY. Further, when enquired the Dealer about the HD setup box. He was cooking up cock & bull Story and that the technicaian will be coming in a day or day and finaly a technican came and Installed the HD Setup box and I received a message on 14.05.2016for an amount of Rs.1501/-. Actually I had paid an amount of Rs.4,550/- whereas I received only the message only for Rs.4,471/- when asked the Dealer for the remaining amount of Rs.79/- he pleaded that that amount is for the service

Kaushik Mukherjee Posted On 18-Aug-2016

Hi C0ulkd I get a clarity about the issues that I have raised on receiving of signal? I had three connections of which I have removed one because of bad services after requesting to rectify the signal. I now have two connections and again the signal comes in the second TV. Should I stop your services because after repeated emails the employees of your company close those without properly taking tome. The issues are " 1) reference number is SR1608161702535. 2) reference number is SR1608161702543. 3) reference number is SR1808161703163.

Jahanzeb Akhtar Posted On 01-Jul-2016

I have a Tata Sky connection no 1139768939.I wanted to make my own pack since your advertisement says I should pay for only what I view. But your system is forcing me to take a base pack which contains channels I do not see at all. Even the cheapest base pack of Rs 99 is not suitable for me. Why can I not make my own pack only with channels I view? It is allowed by Tata sky in other regions. For instance in Cuttack, Orissa my husband's account no1038882245 contains only 9 channels and pays Rs185 per month. I have already communicated my desired channels through the service complaint section on your website. Please ensure that it is done otherwise I may have to escalate the matter for breach of promise and false advertising.

anjankumar Posted On 23-May-2016

yesterday i got tatasky HD installed. I appreciate delay in installing as a small matter. But, at the time of installation, HDMI cable supplied by the tatasky had problem. I let my own cable for installation. The installation guy( engineer) demanded and collected (even though i resissted) Rs.150/- saying that, he has put two "connectors" which is not free. I paid as I have done a mistake by selecting this Service Provider(tata sky). the guy could successfully install the set top box and We could view the tv channels one by one. However, after say 2 hours(first day of installation), when we switched on the TV, nothing came. I called the guy who installed set top box, no response. I called toll free number, I wished to speak in Kannada, but they forced me to connect the guy who does not know the language. finally he also could not help me. He was repeatedly expressing that he will send the engineer next day at 2PM (what a drama to have 24x 7 online help line to waste our time).

Kumaraswamy Posted On 16-May-2016

Hello , I am Tatasky customer and having HD connection. HD connection (Upgrade from basic to HD) taken few weeks back around d 1.5 month. Your Agent delivered a universal remote , second day it was noticed that it is not working, Sam has been informed but no resolution till today. I informed to call centre. Few minutes back he called me and using slang language which is very surprising. I can not say what kind of technicians you recruit or your sales channels. I expect a resolve this issue by today evening or will take next step to inform corporate. Hoping for good service from a prestiges Tata Group of company. Thanks in Advance, Kumara

Mahesh Kumar Posted On 14-Nov-2015

We have booked 2 connections and requested for cancellation. After repeated complaint with customer care, we find no response. 2 ladies by name Kushi - 9739284610 with other lady had visited my residence giving details of tata sky. They had promised all HD channels and monthly cost of Rs.250/-. But we received one connection and found all HD channels don't work and it is a additional cost. They had collected Rs.3600/- per connection of which one connection in Thanisandra and the other in RMV 2nd stage. We have been calling customer care for refund of both connections and till date there is no refund or response. We request you to process our refund of Rs.7200/- immediately.

S Kamath Posted On 08-Jun-2015

Pathetic customer service. We were fools to think that being associated with TATA name would bring in professional service, but we were wring and how! The call center people have no clue, the technicians have no clue. I am going to discontinue my service HD service and would like a refund on the annual subscription we have already paid, which seems impossible at this point. I am not even sure if these reviews are ready by anyone at all.

Syed Ilyas Posted On 17-May-2015

From past 20 days I have signal problem, I had called the tata sky person but he didn't find out the problem, please send some experience person to check the problem. My tata sky ID no. Is 1078884721.

Jn Harish Posted On 07-May-2015

Dear sir I am harish jn from bangalore my subscription id is 1000153069 from 90days onwards I not available single I contact ur customer care they given all fake promises And they given massage on sms also they sent I given so many time call to that no nobody as recall me that massage is.. Hello, Your WO no.HVPDB51dated 29/04/2015 15:31 has been cancelled. Please give us a Missed call on 090156 90156 if you are still facing No Signal issues Pls kindly help me... Regards Jn Harish

R D Shenoy Posted On 07-May-2015

Unprofessional and unresponsive attitude to repeated complaints about lack of signal since about 6 weeks. The lack of information or any kind of communication from Tata Sky is inexplicable and seems to show a complete lack of regard for paying customers. Repeated complaints are met with a response to "bear with us" and that a technician will visit within 48 hours.......... no resolution in sight. Helpline executives are unable to provide a time frame for resolution of the problem. This has gone on for too long and I would like to discontinue my subscription and get a refund of the amount paid. My subscription number is 1019187770.

Jahanzeb Akhtar Posted On 05-May-2015

I switched to Tata sky from the local cable operator expecting professional service. Sorely disappointed since March 2015 since more than half the channels are not received. All English serials, movies and news channels are off. And then you have the temerity to say that rates have increased when you should have given discount for the poverty in your services. I expected better from this brand but apparently you have stopped being interested in brand name and quality and are only interested in expanding services recklessly without adequate quality emphasis. When your recorded voices say that somebody will call us back within 24 hours it turns out to be a lie since there is no call even after 30 days. Seriously thinking of changing my service provider. Quite a shameful record of service delivery from Tata sky. Jahanzeb Akhtar, commissioner of income tax, Bangalore

Rajshekar Posted On 05-May-2015

Hi tatasky, I am not getting signals for my tatsky since 25 days and I have registered multiple complaints at support centre...no action is taken...why? Do they want to do business? I have never seen a worst service from tata group like this..

Rafeek Posted On 21-Apr-2015

The worst ever bad experience I had with a service provider is Tata Sky. Trust me guys... Do not take Tata sky connection. They give a bullshit service.

rohan panjwani Posted On 20-Apr-2015

Tata Sky services have degraded exponentially with time. I had requested for a relocation of my Tata Sky and it has been three weeks but no one from Tata SKy has contacted me. The customer care lines are always busy keeping you on hold for 30 - 35 mins and then it automatically disconnects with no response. Also the service people are quite arrogant and do not reply properly to your calls. i would not suggest anyone to go for this connection. Really disappointed with Tata Sky spoiling the brand value of Tata. Its better if they tell us clearly that no support can be provided from there end.

Prasenjit das Posted On 20-Apr-2015

I think i have done my biggest mistake when i opted for Tatasky connection. At least have some courtesy to call the customer and let them know exactly how many days it will take to solve the signal problem. I have already paid for 1 year HD subscription. is this the way you cheat people.

Ramakrishnan Posted On 15-Apr-2015

My Tatasky set up box does not show any signal for the last 14 days now. Earlier in this month it did not work for 5 days. I have been trying to contact customer service but have not managed to speak to any of your BUSY executives. Why tata sky is so SHAMELESS 1. Despite no signal daily charges are been charged for the customer 2. The customer care numbers are unreachable but are charged Rs. 1.50 per minute 3. Each time customer care is reached the customer has to wit for 5 minutes and suddenly the call is cut 4. Sending a NS to 56633 costs Rs. 3 per SMS 5. Overall a customer loses minimum Rs. 150 for choosing tata sky as the provider

Ravindra Posted On 13-Apr-2015

Rascals eating our money for free! Nor having stamina to reply to our calls!what is that ur eating other than our money! Tatasky full of shameless creatures!i request dont go for This product!

Dissatisfied customer Posted On 13-Apr-2015

You A**H**ls not able to give the service right then get out of the business. I am not getting service past 19 days, numerous call went vain and number of complaints given but no bas***d visited to fix the connection. you Fu***ng idiots can't fix the problem and still updating you hardware more than 3 weeks.

Anupam Posted On 13-Apr-2015

For more than 15 days, my satellite TV service from tata sky has been non.functional and despite numerous complaint calls and sms to their helpline nos, no tech person has visited and rectified the dish alignment and setTop box configuration. Its appalling! Today is 13april2015 . Hundreds probably thousands of users have been impacted like this. At least there should be detailed emails sent to everyone explaining this outage and its reasons; and tat sky seniors should communicate realistic resolution timelines. They can also put out statements in the press explaining this. In my forty years of relationship experience with Tata group, I have never seen such abysmal management by tata company officers. Very sad! It has irretrievably marred the Tata reputation. - Anupam. Bangalore. India.

bharath Posted On 12-Apr-2015

Fed up with the service... No transmission sincea week n worst thing is worst responses when I call tata sky and no one has even turned up to my place to c what's wrong... Having to be paid premiumly with tata sky HD+ this is the kind of service I am getting.... No sure date on when this will get rectified.... Can't wait long with IPL being started... Hot to cancel my connection n get it refunded???? I may have to look at alternatives....

Ravins Posted On 09-Apr-2015

I m ravins and I give complain for my setup is not responding. but still no body . Please send any technician for service.

Narayana Raju D Posted On 09-Apr-2015

They provide a dirty service. I am not able to view the Tatasky services from past 10days and given a complaint. till know not even one fucking engineer has called me and tried to resolve the problem. if you need to reach their call centre you need to wait on the call for 1hr or more to reach them. don't ever buy this

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